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In order to play these Intellivision games, you must first download an Intellivision emulator,
which is used to load the Intellivision ROMS (games).

Nostalgia 3.6a Intellivision Emulator
The Intellivision ROMS can be found when you click on the letters below.

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Top 20 Most Popular Intellivision ROMS
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin (1982)(Mattel)1278.09
Snafu (1981)(Mattel)227.50
BurgerTime! (1982)(Mattel)508.74
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1982)(Mattel)278.74
Adventure -AD&D - Cloudy Mountain- (1982)(Mattel)157.67
Night Stalker (1982)(Mattel)218.38
Astrosmash (1981)(Mattel)268.15
TRON - Deadly Discs (1981)(Mattel)318.48
Boxing (1980)(Mattel)207.50
Demon Attack (1982)(Imagic)148.79
Sea Battle (1980)(Mattel)138.85
B-17 Bomber (1981)(Mattel)157.40
Frog Bog (1982)(Mattel)138.23
Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)78.00
Carnival (1982)(Coleco-CBS)28.50
Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man! (1983)(Mattel)168.31
Venture (1982)(Coleco)108.40
NFL Football (1978)(Mattel)157.67
Pong (1999)(PD)67.67
Lock N Chase (1982)(Mattel)129.67
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